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Self-Employed 1983-current, Family Practitioner, Bohman Clinic

Scope of practice
Family Practice, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Inpatient and Outpatient Care, Emergency Room Coverage Laboratory Director 1990-1994, 2006-present

Researcher Licensure
Texas State Board of Medical Examiners

Board Certification
American Academy of Family Practice
Recertification July 1995-2002
Recertification July 2002-2010

Carl Pauerstein Scholarship, UTHSC San Antonio, Texas
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
Outstanding Resident, John Peter Smith Hospital
Senate Medal of Freedom, Washington D.C.

Hospital Status
Cuero Community Hospital, Cuero, Texas
DeTar Medical System, Victoria, Texas
Triumph Hospital, Victoria, Texas
Warm Spring Rehabilitation Hospital, Victoria, Texas

American Medical Association, active
Texas Medical Association, active
American Academy of Family Practice, active
Texas Academy of Family Practice, active
National Rural Health Association, Rural Health Policy Board, inactive
Dewitt-Lavaca County Medical Society, active
Inter-Clinical County Society, active
University of Texas Medical Branch Associate Professor, inactive

Medical Director

Kenedy Manor Nursing Home, Kenedy, Texas
ACTIV Health Services, Dallas, Texas

Research Projects
Aedes Aegyptii and Dengue Fever, Journal of Entomology
How Teenagers Learn about AIDS
H. Pylori Therapy NDA Research Project
Telemedicine as a Clinical Tool
Providex in the Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

Lectures, Symposuims, & Documents
“AIDS in Dentristry-Medicine”, Dewitt-Lavaca Dental Association
Paper: The Great Dilemma for the Century—AIDS, Arizona Governor’s
Statewide Conference on Children, Phoenix, Arizona
AIDS in Our School System, National Association of School Nurses Annual Business Meeting
TMA lecture, Rural Response to AIDS Education, Houston, Texas
“AIDS in the20Work Place”, AIDS presentation for Central Power and Light Company
Texas Rural Health Program Lecture, El Paso, Texas
“GI Office Procedure: EGD, Flex, Colon, Polypectomy:, Texas Academy
of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly, El Paso, Texas
“H.20Pylori in Gastritis and Ulcer Disease”, University of Mississippi Medical School Family Medicine Department
“The Role of H. Pylori in Gastritis and Ulcer Disease”, Tennessee academy of Family Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
“Helicobacter pylori—The Chicken or the Egg?”, Mid-Winter Medicine update, Texas Medical Foundation, Ruidoso, New Mexico
“Invasive Group A Strep: A Threat to the Nation”, Rockefeller University, New York; given in conjunction with Joshua Lederberg, President Emeritus, Nobel Laureate
“The Anti-Aging Effects of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Immune Enhancement in Cancer”, Latest 21st Century Medical Advances in Treatment of Cancer and Aging, Miami, Florida and Seattle, Washington
“The Role of Heavy Metal Detoxification in Heart Disease and Cancers: A Pilot Study in Detoxification of Heavy Metals”, Anaheim, California

Wound Care Presentations/Lectures
Deaconness Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bedford Hospital, Dallas, Texas
Restauraunt Association, Austin, Texas
Crestview Nursing and Rehabitation Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Grady Hospital System, Atlanta, Georgia
Jacksonville Country Club, Jacksonville, FloridaZ

Telemedicine Lectures
“Telemedicine as a Clinical Tool”, Center for Rural Health Initiatives, Austin, Texas
“Telemedicine: The Clinical Frontier”, Texas Rural Health Association, Austin, Texas
“Lieutenant Governor Perry’s Task Force on Telemedicine”, Presentation in the Senate Chamber, Austin, Texas
“A Rural Approach to a Successful School-Telemedicine Program”, Cuero, Texas
International Lectures “Wound Care—State of the Art”, Julio Diaz Hospital, Havana, Cuba
“Diabetic Wound Care”, Havana, Cuba
“Alternative Health Care”, Bejing, China

State of the art wound care—wound care research using an antimicrobial topical salve
Nutriceuticals—supplemental use and effects of Noni, Badmaev, and Ecomer on select patients
Telemedicine—Texas Telecommunications Infrastructure Gateway, participated in a state and private interest group funded pilot project for telemedicine linking the school system, clinic, and hospital in Cuero, Texas
International Cancer Research